Seattle agents serving Seattle! is a website dedicated to helping buyers find homes in Seattle, created by Seattle agents for Seattle buyers. If you've done much searching for homes in Seattle online, you may have noticed that the majority of "Seattle" real estate websites don't really have much to do with Seattle. The top search engine results are dominated by big, corporate real estate companies (Zillow, Trulia,, the owners and operators of which might know something about real estate, but don't really know Seattle!

Any agent can pay any of the big websites to become a "featured" agent. And they do. They pay a lot. The creators of decided our marketing budget could be better spent. Rather than spending thousands of dollars a month for the "big dogs" to feed us their leftovers, we decided that using our time, our creativity, and our knowledge of Seattle (and Seattle real estate), we could build a better website for buyers looking to purchase a home in Seattle. And we think we've succeeded. . .

It might be a long time before shows up on the first page of Google when people search "Seattle homes for sale", but at least when they find us, they will have found exactly what they're looking for!

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