Phinney Ridge

Map of Phinney RidgePhinney Ridge and Woodland Park Zoo

Thousands of animals (some of them live in a zoo) - Like the other "ridge" named neighborhood in Seattle (View Ridge), most homes in Phinney Ridge have some kind of view. But unlike View Ridge, which is virtually exclusively residential, Phinney has a small but vibrant commercial district which runs the length of the top of the "ridge", north-south, along Phinney Avenue North and Greenwood Avenue North. Conveniently located, Phinney's commercial strip is no more than 12 blocks away from any location in Phinney Ridge. Most notable of all Phinney Ridge businesses is Woodland Park Zoo, with over 1000 animals on display throughout the 90 acre site. During late Spring and Summer, Woodland Park Zoo plays host to many moderate to big-name musical artists during their popular annual Zoo Tunes concert series. The neighbors to the north, Greenwood, often collaborate on events leading to a blended neighborhood referred to as Phinneywood.  Events such as the Phinneywood Art Walk, which takes place the second Friday of each month, help promote business and neighborly goodwill.  Along the south end of the Art Walk route, you can find the Phinney Farmers Market, The Whit's End, and El Chupacabra.  Need a haircut? Pop into Rudy's, where you'll be treated to an eclectic mix of stylists, and a cold beer (if you desire)! There are also a number of restaurants and pubs near the intersection of 74th and Greenwood Ave. (most obviously, The 74th Street Ale House) at the northern edge of Phinney Ridge, The Ridge being one of a couple delicious pizza joints. 

Appreciating quickly! - While Phinney Ridge was still a relative bargain a few years ago, the average price of a home in Phinney Ridge has climbed from a hair over $615,000 to $881k since 2014. For those who want to own a home in Phinney, but on a smaller scale (in area and price), the average price of a condo last year was $468,000.  

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