Client Testimonials

“My husband John and myself have had the wonderful opportunity to have had Geoff Hill who has helped us find a home for us as we were locating from Colorado to Washington. He has worked long and hard hours to help us and has made our move here far more a positive experience than I had expected. I would highly recommend his experience as a person you can trust to help you find a home that is right just for your family and your needs. He is what I would consider a person with excellent work ethics and his passion and honesty as well as ambition and integrity shows in all he does. If you are looking for someone please look him up you will not regret it.”

- John and April S.


“Geoff Hill is not just an amazing real estate broker, but he’s also an amazing human being! He is the most honest, hard working, down-to-earth person we could have hoped to
work with. The professionalism he brings to each and every meeting is hands down 10 stars worthy! He is very knowledgeable and very well educated, yet he is humble enough
to ask questions from his team members when he doesn’t have an exact answer.
We were a first-time home buyer, and we didn’t know what to expect. We were working with another agent, that treated us like dirt. We felt belittled by her, because she never
made us feel comfortable working with our small budget. We felt embarrassed to work with her and we had to do all the work!
When we started working with Geoff, the difference in the customer service was night and day!
It was so refreshing to work with someone that actually respects you, and won’t hurry you into a sale, but rather gives you a pros / cons analysis to each home.
I completely believe that if Geoff hadn’t been so professional and so proactive in his work, we wouldn’t be in the amazing house we are in now. We saw this house on a Monday at
7pm, we liked it enough to make an offer, he got on the phone with the listing agent to hammer out some details, and told us that he would email us the documents to sign by
9pm. We got the documents by 8:33pm that night! Because Geoff moved so quickly, we were able to avoid a bidding war we would have never won, and got into our new home
within 30 days! If Geoff says he will do it, he will do it, and he’ll do it quickly!
We will always recommend Geoff to other people looking to buy real estate, in fact, we have already suggested him to all of our friends and family!
He’s amazing to work with, so stop working with the other lame real estate agents and call Geoff now. You’ll be so happy you did!”

- Ibad and Candace S.


“Geoff Hill is a very good real estate agent. He did an excellent job selling my house. He researched values of houses in the area and the prices of recent sales. He knows the market, the trends and has good advice on how your home will sell. We discussed in detail the strategy he would use to make a quick and satisfactory sale. He told me what he would do and did it promptly. He arranged for house cleaners and trash disposal. He had the interior and exterior photographed, prepared flyers and hand delivered them to residents of the neighborhood and to nearby real estate offices. He posted the information on the internet and held a very successful open house. The price we set was fair and it was my decision to accept no offers less that the asking price. He worked with me that way and in a short time I accepted the best offer over the set price. The escrow company he recommended was very efficient and the deal went through quickly without any problems. He even presented me with a large framed photograph of my house. I am very satisfied with what he has done for me.”

- Evelyn A.


“I could not recommend Geoff Hill more after our experience buying our first home with him. When we first contacted Geoff, my wife and I weren’t really sure what we wanted to buy. Geoff patiently spent months with us, showing us vacant land (on which we planned to build a home), until we finally realized that path wasn’t for us. Once we were on the right path, Geoff was there to assist every step of the way, ever responsive to constant email questions. He guided us through the process of figuring out what we wanted, was always on top of the situation when we submitted several offers on quick moving properties, and always gave us honest advice. I would highly recommend Geoff as an agent.”

- Andrew and Katherine B.


“Echoing what many others have stated here, my investment partner and I had a wonderful experience engaging Geoff to help us sell a condominium unit. Geoff was very knowledgeable regarding recent sales of comparable units and the bigger picture of market trends in the area. He arranged for house cleaners, touch up painting, carpet cleaning, and minor repairs. He had the interior photographed for flyers and for posting on the internet and the photos were so well done that it was hard to believe it was the same unit. Geoff kept in frequent contact with me and my partner and gave us frequent updates on website hits, results of open houses, and how our asking price stacked up against asking prices in the area as market conditions changed. He also never shied away from dealing with conflicts that arose with potential buyers or their agents. Of particular importance is that Geoff was willing to be honest with my partner and me about the chances of getting our asking price at the time our unit was on the market. Instead of advising a price reduction that would have allowed him to earn a commission, Geoff advised us that we would be better off to wait and re-list in the future, and then he even directed us to a great property management firm that found an excellent tenant for our unit within a short period of time. This further illustrates Geoff’s outstanding traits of honesty, reliability, cheerfulness, ability to remain calm under pressure, and, most importantly, that he always treats you as an intelligent human being.”

- Dr. Eric P. & Dr. Jennifer J.


“Geoff Hill got us our new house. After looking at dozens (not kidding), and putting in offers on a couple (near misses both), we were about to put it off until after our wedding. That was in November, and our wedding date was July 21. We were about to turn off the automatic updates.
And then we found our house. It was just what we were after. Old. Cute. Small. Little front yard. Little back yard. A shack in the back. A short sale.
Woops, short sale wasn't on the list! There is indeed nothing short about a short sale. We put in our offer in November and closed about 7 months later, a little over a month before the wedding. And through every step, Geoff was there guiding us along and pushing the buttons that needed to be pushed. And there were more than a few. For us, as first time buyers, he took a process that was long and arduous and made it bearable. He took a process that was at times confusing and complicated and fraught with mountains of paperwork and made it as understandable and seamless as could be. He is eager to share his wealth of information, and was more than receptive to our needs and wants, and extremely helpful answering whatever questions we had. Even if he didn't know right off, he would find the answer, and quickly. He also has given us several referrals – loan broker, inspector, etc – that have all worked out favorably for us. He was extremely patient with us, and went the extra mile to get us the house we wanted at a price we could afford.
Geoff not only knows his stuff, he’s a cool guy too. He drove us around in his sweet ride and we talked about awesome music, movies and books. He’s pretty dang nice too. He even took time off of his vacation on the beach to let us know our offer was finalized. He even came over to help clean out our basement. He even gave us (an extremely thoughtful) housewarming gift.
As first time buyers, we can’t imagine anybody better. Geoff Hill got us our new house, and he made us feel informed, confident, & happy throughout the whole process. Especially now that we’re in it. Thank you Geoff, for all of the hard work, time and thought put in, experience and knowledge shared, and your friendliness and patience all along.”

- Curt F.


“We had no idea what we were doing when we embarked on the journey of home ownership. Geoff eased us into the process and ensured that what could have been an anxiety-ridden experience was exciting, pleasant, and methodical. With minimal spare time to view homes or research neighborhoods we relied heavily upon Geoff to preview listings and narrow our focus on the properties that truly met our wants and needs. After viewing less than a dozen houses we found our home.
The house we fell in love with was listed as a short sale. Short sales have a propensity for delays, interruptions and red tape; Geoff was transparent about these possibilities when we made our initial offer. Employing his charm and real estate savvy, Geoff handled our end of the sale with a nimbleness that ultimately won us our home—in just six weeks! Geoff exemplified dedication and perseverance throughout the sale, even completing a final work item on the exterior of the house that the seller had failed to do—a critical step in the final hours of securing our loan.
Even our loan officer was impressed, stating that Geoff “has been just terrific. Quality representation of your interests, and great follow up on the loan needs, every step of the way.” I could not have said it better myself.
Prior to this experience I had my own preconceived notions about realtors. Geoff quickly squashed these stereotypes and proved himself to be very authentic and genuinely interested in helping us discover and purchase the perfect home. ”

- Marit A. and Kelly K.


“Geoff Hill was a pleasure to work with. He was available at almost all hours, everyday of the week. He was willing to show us all our options and encouraged us to explore them. We found the perfect place for us, and felt entirely informed and confident with the choice he helped us make. We highly recommend working with Geoff Hill!”

- Jeff and Erica T.


“Have no fear, Geoff Hill is here! In dire straits, this man will run (shoeless, probably) through the streets of downtown Seattle to make sure you get your paperwork filed properly and on time when it seems like everybody else around you can’t even figure out what form you need! From finding us exactly the place we wanted to making sure everything was great once we settled in, Geoff is the man. He is the voice of reason in an otherwise extremely convoluted process and for first-time home buyers like us, he was our safety net. Thanks, Geoff!”

- Meredith and Phil S.


“As first time home buyers, my husband and I had no idea what we were doing. Luckily my mom stumbled upon the Big Sound Homes website and got us connected with Geoff. There was absolutely no pressure from him to look for houses, he simply asked us what we were looking for and when we were interested in buying. He then set us up with an automated home search and email notification system which allowed us to get a feel for what was out there, which areas we liked and what to expect to pay. When we had a few listings bookmarked, he emailed us and said he was going to be in the neighborhood and to see if we wanted to take a look at some of the houses on our list. He was very honest with us and let us know when he thought a house was overpriced. It felt like he was on our side and not just trying to make a sale. Geoff then suggested we go to this class for first time home buyers. This was probably the greatest suggestion we had ever gotten, after we took the class we knew so much more about how home buying works and weren’t as intimidated by the process. Now that our confidence was up we were ready to start seriously looking and Geoff made that very easy. The moment we decided to put an offer on a house he immediately started drawing up the paper work (this was at 10pm). When issues arose during inspection and closing he was right there with us laying out our options and giving advice as how to best proceed. If you are looking for an agent who is extremely knowledgeable, not pushy, and eager to answer your questions then Geoff would be the person so see when you buy a house”

- Emma W. & Chad M.


“When Geoff Hill called me, following up on my HUD home listing request, I told him my story. . . impossible story. No down payment and a limited SSA disability income. I told Geoff I would understand if he really didn't want to help me. Geoff Hill is one nice young man; he is an “angel” in disguise. He told me, “Let’s give it a try.” He started sending me listings of bank-owned homes for $100,000 or less to my email.
I told him, even if I found a home, with no down payment and such a low SSA disability income, I wouldn’t be able to get financed. He said he knew someone in home loans he could refer me to. When she called I started out by telling her my story, and reassured her that if she couldn’t help I would also understand. It would take a miracle and only by the name of God could it happen.
She took some basic info and called back a few days later and asked if I would like to do a phone interview. She said, “I’ll try to help you, but most homes under $100k are in terrible shape and unlivable.” However, I found a single dwelling residence that had a zero lot line with one adjoining wall, only 2.5 miles away, and way under $100k. It seemed to take forever, but by October 31st I was in my new two bedroom home in Federal Way! And the best part; my grandson, his fiancé, and my two great grandsons are close by ‘Grams’ new home.
Anything is possible!! In fact during this time I was officially diagnosed with two kinds of lymphoma cancer. There are programs out there that are available to those of us who have had some struggles along the way. There are good people like Geoff who will listen to your story and help you anyway!
Actually, on Geoff’s Birthday he even came to my rescue by giving me a ride to my bank to get my cashier’s check for the closing!”

- Nora J.


“Geoff Hill might be the best real estate agent anywhere in all of history, but I can’t be certain because I have only purchased property recently, here on planet earth. Geoff assisted me with finding and buying my first home, a process which is stressful enough as it is, and could have been terrifying had it not been for Geoff’s expertise and calm, professional demeanor. Every time a new hurdle jumped up at me, he was able to quickly explain its significance and propose some options for resolving it, keeping me involved and informed as to where we were at in the process. The thing that impressed me most about working with Geoff was his responsiveness. I never had to wait more than a few minutes for him to return my phone calls. Even my emails were responded to with almost preternatural speed. He sent me the newest listings in my property search within hours of them hitting the market and was always willing to set up time with me after I got off work to check out the most promising ones as soon as they were available. This was largely why we were first to tour and first to present an offer on the home that I ended up buying. I would whole-heartedly recommend Geoff Hill’s services to anyone buying or selling a home anywhere in the galaxy.”
- Joe B.


“Geoff came recommended to us from a friend as we began our search for our very first home back in July 2009. Very green in our real estate endeavors, Geoff made us feel at ease. Within hours of us giving him our “must-have” and “sure-would-like” criteria, we had a list of homes that fit into our price range. He promptly scheduled viewings and we were on our way.
Geoff and Shawn walked us through the entire process – from submitting our first offer to going over the Purchase & Sale Agreement to negotiating a final sale price.
We still feel secure in our decision to utilize Big Sound Homes in our home purchasing decision and would easily recommend them to others considering buying a home in the area.”

- Holly C.


“I enjoyed working with Geoff on my first home buy. He is easy to talk to and a lot more down to earth than most others in an industry otherwise dominated by the usual Glengarry types. He got me exactly the home that I wanted at the exact price that I wanted. A+. Will do business with again.”

- Matt S.


“When I decided to buy a home in Washington I was referred to Geoff. I live in the Bay Area in California and planned a weekend trip to Washington to find and purchase a home. I knew the area I was interested in and Geoff prepared a hug list of homes to preview. He spent a weekend showing me homes until I found the one I wanted. We made an offer and closed the deal very quickly. I would definitely recommend Geoff’s services to anyone looking for a quality broker.”

- Gloria H


"Geoff Hill is an outstanding Real Estate Agent! He is nothing short of professional and knowledgeable of his industry AND he is a very patient man! A few years ago (yes, I said years) my husband and I started talking about buying our first home. As we tentatively began exploring our options, Geoff talked with us about what we were looking for and began showing us a few homes. He did not pressure us but let us do things at our own pace making himself available when we needed him. We put the home buying on hold to plan our wedding, get married and start our family - Geoff was in touch and available to us the entire time! Just 3 months ago we decided we had really outgrown our little home and were seriously ready to buy! Not only was Geoff ready and available to assist us he was extremely flexible and accommodating to our schedule. We had only looked at a couple of houses when we found the perfect one. Geoff was SO efficient! As soon we decided to make an offer he began drawing up the paperwork and we were able to submit it within a couple of hours! As first time home buyers we had no idea what we were doing and what to expect. Geoff helped us every step of the way, explaining various things that we needed to be aware of and reassuring us as we dove into this amazing endeavor.  When we ran into problems with our lender and thought that we may lose the house, Geoff stepped up and handled the situation with the professionalism, assertiveness and ease that were necessary to help make things happen. We are now settling into the perfect house that we can call our VERY OWN home. Thank you, Geoff Hill!! I highly recommend that you reach out to Geoff if you are looking for an agent to meet your real estate needs."

-Megan M.


"I just bought my first house and had the good luck to find Geoff Hill to help me every step on the way. 
He is a patient and very knowledgeable Real Estate Agent and professionally impeccable.
His work ethic is exemplary and his calm confidence made the buy not only possible, but made it look easy.
If you are looking for a trustworthy agent who will go the extra mile to help you find your home, you do not have to look any further!
I am very grateful to Geoff for all his care and good work: Thank you, Geoff Hill!

- Johanna S.


"I would recommend Geoff Hill as a real estate agent without reservation! He is extremely knowledgeable, articulate and professional. My husband and I had the opportunity to work closely with him for 10 months last year while we hunted for an affordable but "perfect" second home in the Seattle area. Geoff was a tireless advocate for us every step of the way. He patiently helped us evaluate neighborhoods, assess market values, and decide between buying a condo and a house. Additionally, he was always willing to accomodate our complicated personal schedule. We never felt any pressure from Geoff (we looked at at least 100 properties). We are thrilled with the home he helped us purchase in the Green Lake area. Do not let his casual appearance distract you -- he is extremely professional. You will not be disappointed."

- Nancy N.


"I started a conversation with Geoff about buying my first home somewhere around four years ago, and along the way he's exhibited more patience than I imagined possible in a human being, let alone a real estate agent. Every step of the way, his top priorities were making sure I was well informed and comfortable with the pace things were moving. I'd email him a question like, "Hey, what about house boats?" or "what do HOA dues cover?" and receive a prompt and amazingly thorough reply every time. When it came time to actually look at places, he was immediately responsive each time I found a candidate, and totally understanding each time I rejected one. Not even ever once for a single tiny moment did I feel any pressure to hurry up, and he always had a way of making me feel like I knew what I was doing. Now I live in the exact place I wanted. I've already recommended him to a friend, and will continue to do so. If you have the chance to hire Geoff, it would be a mistake not to."

- Patrick M.


"Geoff Hill was highly recommended to me by a person for whom he had just found the right  house.
I knew pretty well what I was looking for and because of my very limited budget without the possibility of a mortgage, it took exactly a year. Geoff was there, each time when I thought this could be it. He would make time to show me each home I wanted to see, regardless the distance and help me look at the condition the house was in and then leave me time to make up my mind. His dealing with the sellers was exemplary. One time, when I had said "Yes" too quickly he even got me my earnest money back. That's when I called him a wizard.
He always left me absolutely free in my decisions and I experienced his advice as expert and objective and Geoff himself as absolutely trustworthy. 
He always was optimistic and helped me to not lose faith that my house would be there and that we would find it. We put in offers on several homes and we met many times to discuss our search strategy. The house he helped me find and buy is truly my home. Thanks Geoff !!"

- Johannes S.


"I can't say enough good things about Geoff Hill.  My husband and I were first time home buyers and he was incredibly helpful.  He was always available to answer questions and show us houses all over the area. He was great through the whole process.  We had some issues with our lender and appraisal and he was on top of it and saved the day!  If you are looking for a Realtor, do not hesitate to contact him."

- Ashlie B.


"My wife  and I had the pleasure of working with Geoff to both sell our condo and find a house for our growing family.  Geoff was able to help us through the short sale process on the condo (we would have been lost without him).  The short sale process was lengthy as it seems the banks LOVE taking their sweet time, but Geoff stayed in constant contact keeping us informed.  Finding our new home was a much speedier process.  We talked with Geoff about what we wanted in a house, where we would like to be, and how much we could afford and then we were off looking at houses. He really got us and the second house we looked at was the one for us.  We kept looking arou nd justbto be sure, then Geoff helped us close on our first real house."

- Chris S.


"When we met Geoff at an open house we were visiting because our house search had just begun, we had no idea we would find an amazing real estate agent that would help us buy our first home together.  Geoff is knowledgeable, funny, and down-to-earth.  He explained the entire process of buying a home to us well and made us feel like we were the most important people on the planet whenever we were out looking at houses or talking on the phone.  He is quick to respond to e-mails and helped us submit paperwork easily with online documents (definitely a plus for me).  He stuck with us through a long short sale process of selling our condo, as well.  Geoff is someone who is just plain good at his job (GREAT at his job!) and genuinely enjoys it, too.  :)"

- Emily S.


"Geoff was everything that I was looking for in a real estate agent: knowledgeable, responsive and not pushy. I purchased my first house this past fall after about a year of searching and Geoff was a joy to work with throughout the entire process.
As I navigated first-time home buying, it seemed as though I had a never-ending list of questions. Geoff was happy to answer them all, or guide me toward resources if appropriate. I found his awareness of contracting/construction valuable since I was looking at many older homes in need of some TLC.
One of the greatest things about working with Geoff was his responsiveness. In the Seattle market, where the good stuff goes quickly, it helps to have an agent who can be available on short notice. As it turns out, we were the first people to look at my house the morning after it went on the market and were able to write up an offer within hours!
It took some time to find the right fit, but I couldn't be happier. Lovin' life on North Beacon Hill. Thanks Geoff! If you're looking for a real estate agent, you're not going to go wrong with Geoff."

- Kirstie A.


"Have no fear, Geoff Hill is here! In dire straits, this man will run (shoeless, probably) through the streets of downtown Seattle to make sure you get your paperwork filed properly and on time when it seems like everybody else around you can't even figure out what form you need! From finding us exactly the place we wanted to making sure everything was great once we settled in, Geoff is the man. He is the voice of reason in an otherwise extremely convoluted process and for first-time home buyers like us, he was our safety net. Thanks, Geoff!"

- Meredith S.


"Working with Geoff was the best experience I have had with a real estate agent. I purchased several of my properties through him and each transaction went smoothly. Knowledgeable, professional, and a great feeling of trust are just a few of the attributes he brings to the table. Geoff is truly a man of integrity and ethics. I will definitely continue working with Geoff on my future real estate purchases and I highly recommend his services."

- Tanya N.


"I worked with Geoff at Big Sound Homes in order to have him help me list my parents' rental property. He conducted a comprehensive and extremely thorough comparative market analysis of the investement property, giving me a good sense of what the fair market value of the property is and what my parents could expect to get in terms of net proceeds. You will not find anyone more committed to providing high quality service to his clients. He was very responsive to my questions. It was truly a pleasure to work with Geoff and have a solid plan in place to help my folks sell their property. I very highly recommend him."

- Lambros P.


"My review will give you a different perspective on Geoff' than the other posted. I am a home inspector and first met Geoff in 2006. I have had the pleasure of working with Geoff on numerous occasions over the past 7 years. If i had to pick three word that best describe how Geoff approaches his business they would be honesty, compassion and hard work.
I can't help but think back to a client we both worked with about 3 years ago. They were disabled, living on a fixed income ,with serious health and mobility issues. Geoff found them the only house, probably in all of King County, in their price range, A small house for $60,000. The house was bank owned which at the time meant, endless red tape delays and headaches. Geoff worked through all of these only to find during the course of the inspection the house had problems that were likely to make if fail appraisal. Knowing that the bank wasn't going to make repairs and the buyer didn't have the money Geoff spent a weekend and his own money repairing the issues so the house would pass appraisal. When I asked him why he worked so hard to make this deal happen he responded that this was probably his clients only opportunity to ever own their own home and he didn't want them to miss it.
If you are looking for a real estate broker you won't find a better more capable person than Geoff Hill."

- John L.


"When I first decided to buy a condo, I had no idea where to start! So I requested to view a property on Estately, and had the good fortune to receive Geoff as my real estate agent. It was a match made in real estate heaven.
Geoff was fantastic from the very beginning. He was always helpful and knowledgeable about the properties I wanted to see, and I never felt that he was trying to push me into buying a home just to make a sale. I thought the home buying process would be daunting and scary, but with Geoff as my agent it was a lot of fun and I knew he would help me find the perfect first home. Once I had found THE place, he walked me through all of the offer paper work, and I was able to sign via DocuSign, which was amazing & very convenient. I've been in my place for a little over a year and a half now, and I am SO happy with it.
If you want an agent who is honest, down to earth, friendly, and hard working...look no further, Geoff is your guy. I would recommend him to all of my friends who are in search of a home (in fact, I have and they loved him too!). I know when it's time to sell my little Ballard oasis, Geoff will be my go-to guy.
Seriously, if you need an Geoff now!"

- Katelyn P.


"I am writing this review from the comforts of MY house. It still feels so good to say that. This house would not be mine without the hard work and responsiveness of Geoff Hill.
Jon and I were referred to Geoff by our friend Kate who had recently bought a condo. She and her fiancé raved about him and he definitely lived up to the hype. First sign that he was the right real estate agent for us, we met him at a bar in Ballard, he was chill and we talked about what we wanted in a home over beers! During that conversation he set up a custom NWMLS search for us and we started the home search!
From that point on If a house came on the market that we wanted to see, Geoff would quickly contact the listing agent and we would see it. The market in our price range was very competitive so it was important that our agent was proactive, and Geoff was. We went on a few house tours on the weekends where we would see about 4-5 houses. It was really fun going to see houses with him and we learned a lot and gained confidence.
He was so responsive to all of our questions as well. Given that we were first time home buyers we needed a lot more hand holding. Geoff seemed happy to teach us all about the process which made it a little less intimidating. He referred us to a great mortgage broker who was also a pleasure to work with.
He never pressured us to like a house. In fact he was brutally honest and did not hold back about a house's flaws or the little tricks selling agents use to sell a house. I really appreciated his transparency.
We signed documents using DocuSign apps on our phones and computers! I was happy to be working with an agent who took advantage of modern technology.
He even attended our inspection for us while we were out of town and took pictures for us and promptly contacted us to fill us in on the results. It was not an ideal situation that we were out of town at the same time as our inspection, and I appreciate that Geoff was so supportive.
Our experience searching for our first house was both exciting and scary and Geoff helped us every step of the way."

- Nadia G.